Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A 100.000 litre cow

During the second World War my father bought a cow, a traditional black and white Holland-Frysian Stamboekvee cow, called Hoekstra six, with which he and my mother started a dairy farm at Dorregeest in one of the old Dutch polders. Hoekstra 6 became the matriarch of a long line of dairy cows on the farm. The Hoekstra’s received many awards, their bull calves became famous for their semen and many Hoekstras were sold worldwide. This June my brother and sister in law, who live on the parental farm, had a party for Hoekstra 545, who was one of their 100.000 litre milk cows. On the photo you see the celebrated cow, after a career of 13 years, 11 calves and 100.000 litres of milk. 

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