Thursday, 15 December 2011

Cows at Loch Fada

The Isle of Skye is a fascinating island on the Scottish west coast. From Findhorn it is quite a journey, but even the travel towards it is worth. Meandering along Loch Ness (Nessy has only appeared to me once, on a very dark winter’s day). Driving through the Highlands. Meeting the mountains, the moors and the many lakes, often called ‘lochs’ on the way.  A bridge connects the mainland at Kyle of Lochalsh with the island itself. I love tracking between the brown, peat coloured hills. There are empty left farmhouses. In the middle of nowhere cattle crossing the road, gates open. The fresh water loch ‘Loch Fada’ in the near distance. Cows and young bulls, reminding me of home and the farm in the polder I grew up in. When the young cows come outside for the first time, they don’t know yet how to use all their four feet and they jump all over the place. Almost as if they take off to fly. 

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