Sunday, 22 November 2015

The joy of flowers and herbs

It has been and it always is a great joy to photograph plants, which I’ve been doing for many years. With an interest in, and love for wild and cultivated flowers since I was a young girl in the Dutch countryside, I now have a large photo-archive full of flowers and plants, made in the areas I lived in or on my travels around the world.
“The wonders of nature are like new every year” author Wendel Berry* writes.   I love gardening and see the daily changes in plants, from seed to bud to blossoming to the releasing of seed again at the end of the cycle. Such a great example of life! The flowers in our gardens are grown in a natural way, without chemicals, just organic compost, manure, love and lots of appreciation. I loved living with them in my own garden at home, at the studio, and in other gardens.
With every herbal greeting card, with every little bag of herbs or seed in it we give you:
The promise of life enfolding
The joy of growing and releasing, all in perfect timing
The blessings of good health
The abundance of colour, form and fragrance
The encouragement to express your love for the Earth
The miracle of Life

   You are also all that!

Herbal cards:  greeting cards with a herbal gift: seeds or herbs for tea or bath.
The new herbal greeting card series with inside a present from the Findhorn Gardens: Six different herbal greeting cards, (15x15cm/6x6” with coloured envelop) with a cute bag of seed and herbs to grow in your garden or in pot (like nasturtium, calendula and papaver), to make yourself a tea (fennel, lady’s mantle) or to use in the bath (lavender). Wonderfully illustrated with photos and explaining story about the herb. Hand harvested in the Findhorn Gardens. With instructions.  For sale in my online shop

·       Life is a miracle, Wendel Berry  (2000)
© text and photo Adriana Sjan Bijman, 2015  blog 41

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