Wednesday, 25 February 2015

AIR: I believe in Angels

After the grounding ‘earth’ story of my last blog my attention was drawn to some lines of a Spanish poem; in my translation it says: “Roots and wings. That the wings may take root and the roots may fly.”*

The first music I danced to, on my visit to an Experience Week at Findhorn more than 20 years ago, was the song ‘I believe in angels’ and from that moment on, I actually did. Or rather I started to believe, but it was about believing in a different kind of angel to the Roman Catholic guardian angels I had grown up with; now I opened up to the idea of intelligent beings existing in nature - the kind that Dorothy MacLean* calls ‘Devas’.  They over-light the flora, the fauna, landscapes, cities and even to us, people. They are not like faeries or other existing ‘little people’ in the natural realm.

This was all new to me then, but it made so much sense! I can now see angels as part of the metaphysical realm, being present in the air and of vital, integral importance to all life.  It helps me to know that there are higher beings or universal forces out there, beings that see me, love me, know me and give support, inspiration and encouragement. We are not alone! I repeat this every morning and thank them. It makes a difference and I can recommend it to you.

Dorothy says that every place has its own ‘Landscape Angel’. So I imagine Findhorn beach has  one too. And on a beautiful day during a walk along the beach of sand and pebbles at Moray Firth, I suddenly looked up into the bright blue sky. There I saw this shape or figure appear, in between the clouds; like a heart, like an angel…. Do you see it in the photo? 

Here at Findhorn we knew Frances Ripley as a remarkable woman and community member. She made many subtle drawings of the Nature Spirits. In her book ‘Visions Unseen’* she writes how “they have the capacity to show themselves in a variety of forms, or else as formless swirls of colour and light”.  Wow. Well, yes… that’s what I saw…..!  So I sat a bit more on that beach enjoying ‘my’ angel. Until the wind took her away….

It is all in the air, all around us, to give us life — with every breath. The Breath of Life.

Text and photo: © Adriana Bijman, February 2015. Blog 34 
 * "Raices y alas.Pero que las alas arraiguen y las raíces vuelen.” by Spanish poet Juan Ramón Jiménez,  ‘Diario de un poeta recién casado’, Madrid 1916

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