Monday, 24 February 2014

‘Teatro de los Sentidos’ (Theatre of the senses)

What communicates the impact of light better than this colourful play? It reminds me of the Catalan theatre company Els Comediants, who identifies with the festive spirit of human existence. The goal is not only to open our eyes but also to be a theatre for the senses. It seems to me that the light in the impressive cathedral in the old city of Palma wants to do just that.  There is no separation between the light from the heavens and the space it illuminates. The floor space is like a stage. The stage is the place for the collective experience of the audience, while we entered as spectator in the house of the Gods. The benches are waiting for the Heathen and Pagan worshippers of an ancient Sun God. I sit down. As the sun caresses my skin, the fragrance of warm oak wood enters my nostrils.
Like many Christian churches, ‘La Seu’, the Roman catholic cathedral in Catalan-gothic style was built on the site of a pre-existing mosque. Lying above the old Roman citadel, it overlooks the emerald and turquoise Mediterranean and from the southern coasts you sometimes still hear the late afternoon Asr prayers calling to the island, while a breeze wafts along the mouth-watering smell of spiced couscous with roasted almonds. 

Visiting this ‘Tierra sagrada’* l am moored to the full spectrum of bright colours falling down from the rosette shaped windows. In this house I am moored to the beauty of Nature. Is this world not meant to be one wonderful big House, in which we can make love, create compassion and culture? As well as separation, skirmish and suffering, if we choose so…. I ponder over it while the light enters me. It makes me think in the colours of my heart.

© Adriana Sjan Bijman Photo: Palma de Mallorca, Easter 2011, text: Findhorn, February 2014.  

*holy ground

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