Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Big Inspiration

Inspired people, inspiring flowers 
Someone first answered to my question what or whom inspires them: "I am inspired by myself" Then: "No, no, I'm only joking". But I wondered: Is it not at least 50% true? Or 100%? Does the 'being inspired" by something or someone outside of ourselves, not just trigger or resonate with the inspiration living dormant inside of us? "It: being part of The Big Inspiration, called to us at exactly the right time place to wake us up to this now. At that moment of inspiration there is no separation, I experience Oneness. 
Inspired = In Spirit.
May all humanity be inspired and may it be expressed with love.
Big words, anyway I was very inspired by the simplicity and beauty this Spring  of a daffodil. Of all flowers, our lovely daffodil. Show me fields full of it please!  

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